About Us

Inspire Enrichment Center was started in 2013 as a unique place for children to discover their talents and grow.

Our Approach to Learning

Every child has a unique personality and aptitude that needs proper guidance and expert coaching. Guided activities that a child enjoys and “learning by doing” leads to confidence and balanced intellectual growth.

Freedom to learn and excel in your child’s chosen area with expert guidance is the shortest and most enjoyable path to learning. Leading systems of early childhood learning emphasize this approach.

Understanding the child by careful observation and then guiding them to achieve success at the appropriate level reinforces their positive experiences and guides them to accomplish tasks at the next level. This positive reinforcement encourages the young learner to advance to the next level and achieve some more. This is a continuous process and needs to be discovered early enough that the proper learning styles are established and confidence is developed. The confidence developed by mastering one discipline is easily demonstrated in other walks of life.

We offer -

  • - Expert Teachers
  • - Pre-school and Toddler Programs
  • - Learning and Beyond